Ways to Create a Warm and Inviting Classroom

Every year I strive to improve as a teacher and every year I find myself trying to perfect the look of my classroom. This year, I really want my room to feel like a second home to myself and my students. I want it to be warm and inviting. Here are some ways I plan on accomplishing this.

Classroom Banners

I created this inspirational banner to match the simple look that I’m going for this year. It has alternating black and white striped pennants along with great inspirational quotes for teachers.  I put this banner behind my desk and I read the quotes when I’m having a rough day (lets face it.. we ALL have days where we question why we became a teacher). Overall, I’m REALLY happy with how it turned out. If you want this banner for FREE, just head over to my blog HERE or click on the picture above.

Have a Simple and Clean Look

I know this sounds basic, but I really believe in having a simple, clean looking classroom for my students and I. Think about it.. when you are home and have a HUGE mess or a cluttered room, it leaves you feeling overwhelmed and aggravated. We want to create an optimal learning environment for our students and keeping your classroom simple and clean can help in a big way. Don’t forget a large, simple rug where students can come together for whole-group lessons! A nice rug can totally transform a classroom.

Offer Seating Choices

Alternative seating.. its definitely the hot topic these days in classroom. I fully support and love alternative seating. If we have to pick between the old-fashioned classroom with desks in rows versus comfortable seating with pillows and soft chairs, of course we would choose the comfy classroom for our students!

Have Student Cubbies with Their Names or Pictures

Create ways for students to truly feel like part of your class family with designated cubby areas with their names on them. I especially love a traditional Montessori’s way of doing this. They use pictures for preschoolers and younger students who can’t read yet. What a fantastic way to say “welcome to our class”. Also, I’ve found I really prefer for my students to unpack in the morning and leave their booksacks out of our way in their cubbies. This helps with classroom management as well as keeping booksacks and clutter off of the floors.

Offer Welcome Gift to Students

Giving students a welcome gift is a super easy way to create an inviting classroom. It gets your year started off right when meeting your students for the first time. I love ANYTHING corny. We’re teachers.. we can be corny. So of course I love the o-FISH-ally tags with Gold Fish and these “Looking Forward to a Bright Year With You” tags. You can pair these tags with highlighters, crayons, or watercolor paint. If you love this resource, you can buy it at my TPT store HERE. 

The goldfish tags can be purchased HERE.


There are, of course, lots of other ways to create a cozy, welcoming environment for your classroom. What are some other ideas that you have to add to this list? Comment below!


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