Let’s face it.. our students aren’t always excited about writing time. When I tell my students that it’s time for writing, I usually hear sighs and comments like “Ugghhhh!!!! Writing is boring!” or “Not writing!” I find that writing is usually the hardest subject to engage my students in. So, I needed to find ways to SPICE IT UP. I’ve just created some exciting new writing resources that I’m SURE my students will love.. mostly because they are super cute and involve ways for them to manipulate things (kind of like a game) and they don’t involve just loose-leaf paper and a pencil.


I noticed during story retells and fiction story writing that my students sometimes left out important story elements, such as some of the characters or important details that were part of the plot, like the problem or solution. So, I knew I needed to scale it back for these young writers. I am a FIRM believer in the Montessori methods, especially the concrete experiences and the manipulation of materials. So, I knew this Build-A-Story resource was EXACTLY what they needed to be engaged as well as fill in the gaps where they were missing some important story elements. This resource includes a Build-A-Story mat, a separate graphic organizer, and small playing cards that fit on the mat when cut out. All of the story elements include title (they create their own), characters, settings, problems, and solutions. When kids are having a hard time coming up with story lines, they can simple pick some they are interested in and mix-and-match to make a story. They also have cards for creating their own elements. You can check it out in my TPT store HERE.

Fiction Story Writing Resource Folder

I wanted to ensure that my students have fantastic visual aids and a plethora of great words and ideas at their fingertips while writing stories. They mostly write during Daily 5 time, so this writing resource folder helps minimize interruptions while I work with small groups during Guided Reading.

I keep 5 of these folders in my classroom.. one for each table and enough to leave in stations for Daily 5. You can find this writing resource HERE in my TPT store.

Great Way to Display Student Writing Work

I LOVE to show off my students’ best work. They are usually proud to put up their stories after they share it with the class. I also pick a “Star Writer” at random times to let students know they’ve done a good job. This is my favorite because I have the star writer share their story (I usually pick them because their writing is a strong model) and this almost always creates a competition among my students. After the star writer shares, I tell the class my favorite part of the writing and that element miraculously starts showing up in other students’ writing. It’s a BEAUTIFUL thing. Get this “Our Work is on Point” printable HERE.

Other Teacher Bloggers and Their Phenomenal Writing Resources

  1. I especially love these writing resources from ‘A Cupcake for the Teacher”. Her resources are beautiful and inviting for students. She also has a creative way of displaying her writing resources like in this Grammar Center Starter Kit.
  2. One Stop Teacher Shop has a great “Paragraph of the Week” resource for the entire year. I like to have students work on writing assignments like these during morning work as soon as they unpack during homeroom. This is a great way to stick more writing in their day! You can find the paragraph writing resource HERE.

How do you encourage your students to write and to engage your young writers?

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