Fun & Engaging Game to Practice Sight Words in the Classroom

As teachers, we are always trying to make learning fun and engaging. Sight words, among other words, are imperative for young readers to master early on in order to be successful, fluent readers. Anytime you give students reading practice in the form of a game they are ALL IN. I love seeing my students’ eyes light up when I pull out this game board. And they think its “free time”.. hehehee. This is a 2-4 player game. This teacher-made resource found on Teachers pay Teachers comes with a bright, colorful printable game board as well as pre-primer, primer, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade sight words. I have my students use chips as their game pieces. To play, students take turns flipping a sight word when it is their turn. If they get the word correct immediately (since its a sight word), they get to move their chip 1 place forward. If they miss the word, they stay in their current place on the game board and the next player gets a turn. It’s a REAL treat for my kiddos.

Ways to Use Sight Word Game in the Classroom

I typically like to incorporate this sight word game into our Daily 5 time. Students have many stations and word work activities to choose from. Since my students typically remain quiet during Daily 5 (unless they are partner reading), I have a very specific procedure for how to find friends to play this game since I implement a quiet Daily 5 where there is freedom of choice and movement. There is only one rug in my classroom this game is allowed on and my students know that they must sit quietly and play alone until a friend sits next to them to play. But there are many other opportunities for this to be worked into your daily or weekly schedule. Ideas include:

  • During Daily 5 rotations
  • Immediately before guided reading with the teacher
  • During homeroom as morning work
  • After recess to unwind and cool down
  • During Fun Fridays – I have a coworker who has “Fun Fridays” where she builds in a little time during her Reading block to allow for more fun activities that are still educational.
  • Use as a reward for good behavior
  • Leave prepped with instructions for a sub

Tips for Maintaining and Storing the Game

I laminate MOST reading activities in my class so that we can reuse the materials. I use a $30 Scotch Thermal Laminator that I bought from Wal-Mart. It can be found in most stores including Target and on Amazon. I’ve had it for two years and it has been a life-savor and quite possibly my favorite teacher tool to use. I use the Scotch 5 mil thick sheets because of its great durable quality, but I also find that the 3 mil thick sheets work well and are a little cheaper. I keep the game out in a bin on a Word Work shelf for students to grab quickly and for neat storage.

If you’d like to purchase this resource on Teachers Pay Teachers, click HERE.

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