So, it’s that time.. back to school. We are saying goodbye to summer and hello to the daily grind of grading papers, mediating student arguments, and attending teacher meetings and PLCs. I know the school year can be stressful, but “Meet the Teacher” night doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips for making “Meet the Teacher” run smoothly:

1. Have a Sign-in Sheet at the Door

This one is available in my TPT store HERE.

2. Greet Your Students With a Back-To-School Gift

If you choose to give your students a little welcome gift, this does NOT have to be expensive. We all know we spend lots of our own money throughout the year, so don’t over spend here. These gift tags below are available in my TPT store. Click the image and it’ll take you to the product for you to check it out.


3. Have Welcome Packets Ready to Pick Up By the Sign-In Sheet

This makes our jobs SOOO much easier. Some teachers will want parents to fill out important forms on ‘Meet the Teacher’ night, and others will want parents to take the packet home to fill out and send it back with their student on the first day of school. I opt to send them home so that parents will be able to take their time filling out the forms. Sending them home also keeps the meet and greet shorter and simpler.

4. Have School Supply Drop-Off Areas Clearly Labeled


You can easily make these table tent supply signs to have your supply drop off go smoothly. I mostly use this technique for COMMUNITY materials. So, it doesn’t matter if their names are on these materials. If you want, you can have students leave their personal supplies (notebooks, binders, ear buds, etc) in their booksacks to be organized on the first day of school. This is my favorite trick on Meet the Teacher night because parents know EXACTLY where to place things without bombarding you with questions. You can also put the directions for these drop offs on the board. If you’d like to make tent signs like mine, you can make 2 signs from one piece of computer paper. I fold the paper in half and cut. The two halves will become your two tent signs. Fold each one to look like the tent sign above and write anything you’d like with a marker.

5. Have Directions on the Board

Sometimes multiple families will walk through the door at the same time, making it impossible for you to speak with everyone immediately. If families see the clear directions on the board, they will know exactly what to do. They can meet you once you are available. My directions usually look something like this:

Welcome New Students! Please follow the directions below:

  1. Please sign-in at the door.
  2. Grab a packet to take home and fill out. Send this with your student on the first day of school COMPLETELY filled out.
  3. Look for your name on a desk.
  4. Place your booksack (if you brought it) at your desk.
  5. Look for signs and place your school supplies near the sign IF there is one. If you do not see a sign, please place your supplies in your child’s booksack at their desk.
  6. Be sure to tell me hello before leaving tonight! You can find my contact information in the packet.
  7. Don’t forget to grab a “Welcome” gift at the door. Enjoy!

These are tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years that help out SOOO much. What are some other secrets that you have for making “Meet the Teacher” night easier?


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